Study trip to the Kyrgyzstan
Огноо: 2015-12-09
CRAMO’s study learning team which consists of two people, namely Mrs. Ch.Yeruulsuren, project coordinator of the ongoing project funded by IPDC and Mrs. S. Ulziisaikhan, radio manager, "Melody of Taiga" community radio, Tsagaannuur soum, Khuvsgul province have visited Kirgizia from 3-8 Dec 2015. They have visited a two local Kirgizia radios including Talas FM 100-5, Susamyr School FM and one multimedia center in the county Karasuu near a capital city Bishkek. Also had a working visit to Community Radio Association of Kirgizia office which locates in Bishkek and two sides have agreed on cooperation in producing a co-production in the field of of Kirgiz-Mongolian  history and their nomadic lifestyle. Also they gave the presentation on CRAMO’s activities in Bishkek. Study team had a great impression of the Kirgizia community radios and multimedia centers. They had learned a lot on how to engage a volunteers to the radio activities and how to engage village reporters. Also the program schedule of Radiomost FM 100.5 in the city Talas was interested a lot by scheduling every day in special focus and inviting a specialists in each field including local decision makers. They had solved many local issues by focusing on it for example a reconstruction of local roads and small bridges.